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Eradicating Gender Stereotypes to Promote Equality

Gender stereotypes are preconceived ideas whereby females and males are arbitrarily assigned characteristics and roles determined and limited by gender. They are used to justify and maintain the historical relations of power of men over women as well as sexist attitudes that hold back the advancement of women. Gender stereotypes often are internalized by men […]


ENACTED by the National Assembly of the Federal Republic of Nigeria1. Objectives of the ActThe objectives of this Act are:(a) give effect to the right to inspect declaration of assets and liabilities of public officers as provided in the Third Schedule Part 1 of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria 1999 (as amended);(b) […]

The Edo APC Fiasco

Eze Onyekpere Just imagine, in the United States of America from where we copied our presidential system, a governor seeking second term from the Democratic Party suddenly being disqualified and the Republican Party immediately admits him and starts positioning him for the ticket to contest the governorship as its torchbearer. The is exactly the equivalent […]

Time To Change Strategy On The Insurgency

Eze Onyekpere Nigeria is challenged in every facet of national life. The economy is undergoing a crisis and is expected to enter a recession whilst the state is no longer able to guarantee law and order and security of lives and property in many parts of the federation. But there is a government in place […]

Oil Price And Getting The Economy Back To Work

Eze Onyekpere Nigeria is at the crossroad once again. The price of crude oil which is the mainstay of our economy has plummeted. Oil provides over 60 per cent of our revenues as well as over 85 per cent of the foreign exchange receipts. While the 2020 federal budget was based on the benchmark price […]

Nigerian State’s Obligation On The Right To Life

Eze Onyekpere(; 08127235995) On a daily basis, the reports coming out of different parts of Nigeria present the reality of a county at war with itself, an ungoverned territory where life has become “brutish, nasty and short.” The Nigerian security story is not one of perception but the story of real flesh and blood, of […]

The Budget, Policy And The Automobile Sector

Eze Onyekpere The challenge of development and economic growth in Nigeria is one of ideas, policy prescriptions and implementation. It is not a challenge founded on lack of financial resources. Indeed, financial resources are products of the human imagination and intellect. Development is the ability of a society to harness its resources for its own […]

Insecurity: Buhari, it’s time to do the needful

Eze Onyekpere( Nigeria is facing a torrent of bad news, unfortunate events and developments that only go to show that we are very poorly rated in the comity of nations. These developments are external validations of our internal dynamics and failures of economic, political and social governance. Most Nigerians already know and continually groan under […]

Issues In The 2020 Federal Budget Estimates

Eze Onyekpere Nigerians welcomed the early presentation of the 2020 federal budget estimates by President Muhammadu Buhari on October 8, 2019 to the National Assembly in accordance with Section 81 of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria 1999, as amended. The budget, aptly titled, Budget of Sustaining growth and job creation, projects expenditure […]

Improving Governmental Revenue Sources

By Eze Onyekpere   Nigeria is undergoing a fiscal crisis epitomised by our inability to raise the revenue to substantially fund our budgets at the federal and state levels. We have become excessively reliant on unsustainable borrowing from domestic and international sources to finance our budgets. The country, in 2018, projected a retained revenue in […]

Nigeria @ 59: Rebuilding The Nation

By Eze Onyekpere Tomorrow, October 1, 2019, will mark Nigeria’s 59th year of independent nationhood. A human being at 59 is already an adult. Although a nation may not stricto sensu be comparable to a human being, because nations may survive for so many years, all successful nations at 59 had started showing and manifesting […]

Consultation and the MTEF 2020-2022

The draft 2020-2022 Medium Term Expenditure Framework was presented last week by the Ministers of Finance, Budget and National Planning to a cross-section of stakeholders. This is a continuation of the tradition established in the Fiscal Responsibility Act 2007 for the Minister of Finance to lead the process of the preparation of the pre-budget statement […]

State Obligations In South Africa And Nigeria

Eze Onyekpere The senseless killing and looting of properties of foreigners in South Africa dominated the news for the greater part of last week. For the first time in so many years, with the exception of football events, Nigerians were united in their view that the treatment meted to Nigerians and other black foreigners in […]

Nigeria, A Nation Living In Denial

When self-evident truths manifest and their manifestation leads to turmoil, upheavals and a lot of chain reactions, the expectation is that reasonable human beings would sit down and take rational decisions to stem the challenges arising from these truths. It is also an aphorism that the truth sets human beings free and anyone that lives […]

Lessons From The $9bn Award Against Nigeria

  Eze Onyekpere; 08127235995 The governance of Nigeria is always in the news for the wrong reasons; incidentally, most of the challenges facing the nation are avoidable. With our economic indicators virtually facing south, while our debt to revenue profile has hit 70%, the news that a British commercial court has imposed $9bn damages […]


August 14, 2019 Media Statement THE PRESIDENT’S DIRECTIVE STOPPING THE ALLOCATION OF FOREIGN EXCHANGE FOR FOOD IMPORTS Centre for Social Justice (CSJ), a Nigerian Knowledge Institution notes with regret the recent directive by President Muhammadu Buhari to the Central Bank of Nigeria to stop the allocation of foreign exchange for food imports. This directive was […]

Who Will Bring Down This Tension?

Eze Onyekpere Is there anyone out there in a position of authority in Nigeria in the executive, legislature and judiciary thinking of Nigeria’s peace as a foundation for progress and development? Who shall we run to in this season where reason and common sense seems to have taken flight? Who is really in charge? Does […]

The Current Asset Declaration Form

A couple of days ago, Nigerians were treated to some incredible news, the type we used to hear from very distant jurisdictions some years ago. It was about the non conviction-based recovery of stolen assets and public property under the official fight against corruption. Nigerians were regaled with the recovery of jewelry including watches, bangles, […]

Action Points For The 9th National Assembly

It is almost two weeks since the inauguration of the 9th National Assembly, which consists of the Senate and the Federal House of Representatives. The impression among the newly inaugurated law makers is that they have time on their hands, enough time to do their work and play around. But this assumption may not be […]

Mr. President, it is time to get it right

It has been 12 days since Muhammadu Buhari took a new oath of office which would enable him govern Nigeria for the next four years as the President and Commander-in- Chief of the Armed Forces. Before the elections, one could hear Nigerians yearn for change, a new way of doing things, improvement in governance and […]

Searching For Ministers And Presidential Advisers

Nigeria has witnessed the inauguration of a new tenure for President Muhammadu Buhari which will run for four years in the event the challenge to his election at the presidential election petitions tribunal fails. The country is facing challenges in every aspect of our national life, from security, national unity, education, agriculture, power supply, health, […]

A Word For The Governors-elect

Across the states of the federation, new governors have been elected to take over from the old ones while some serving governors have been given a fresh mandate. In about a month’s time, the governors-elect will all take a new oath of office to start a fresh mandate. At the federal level, Muhammadu Buhari’s presidential […]

Open All Statutory Transfers

Transparency and accountability are key issues in the reform of any governance system. This is more so in systems that relate to revenues, expenditures and how public resources are managed. Again, there cannot be a successful campaign against corruption and abuse of public trust if the systems remain opaque and have no clear processes of […]

The Oil Sector And Its Incredible Mismanagement

These are not the best of times for the Nigerian economy, the average Nigerian citizen and members of the business class in Nigeria. The Nigeria economy bleeds and it is virtually on the brinks of collapse. Available resources are not put to optimal use and the debt burden is becoming excruciating, compared to our available […]

The 2019 Budget: Opacity As The Norm

The Nigerian budget has over the years been a budget of mystery. It has been a ritual where public funds denominated in millions, billions and lately trillions, are reeled out to a bewildered citizenry, who with mouth agape wonder what these figures represent because at the end of every year, the expenditure of public resources […]

Now That We Have Voted

Nigerians went to the polls on Saturday, February 23, 2014 to elect a new President and members of the Senate and House of Representatives respectively. In essence, the elections were to constitute the executive and legislative arms of government at the federal level. The elections, however, were held after an earlier postponement, by one week, […]

2019 Budget: Matters arising (3)

 The expenditure framework of the 2019 budget proposal continues the tradition of getting the priorities wrong. Of the overall expenditure projection of N8.83tn, recurrent non-debt takes N4.04tn, which is 45.75%; capital expenditure is N2.031tn, which is 23%; statutory transfers are to be funded by N492.36bn, which is 5.58%; debt service gulps N2.14tn, which is 24.24% […]

2019 Budget: Matters Arising (2)

The expenditure framework of the 2019 budget proposal continues the tradition of getting the priorities wrong. Of the overall expenditure projection of N8.83tn, recurrent non-debt takes N4.04tn, which is 45.75%; capital expenditure is N2.031tn, which is 23%; statutory transfers are to be funded by N492.36bn, which is 5.58%; debt service gulps N2.14tn, which is 24.24% […]

2019 Budget Proposals: Matters Arising

The first issue is that the deficit is in the sum of N1.895tn and it is to be financed mainly by borrowing the sum of N1.649tn – N824.82bn from domestic sources and N824.82bn from external sources. This will further add to our already high debt profile. The deficit is 21.05% of the overall expenditure of […]

Electoral Act Amendment Bill: Towards Free, Fair And Credible Elections

Nigerians were recently greeted with the news that President Muhammadu Buhari had declined assent to the Electoral Act Amendment Bill 2018. This is the fourth time the President has declined to give assent to the bill. The President’s decision will have far-reaching consequences for the credibility of the 2019 polls and whether the polls will […]